A new beginning…

Firstly! I am not a writer. I would not class myself as one. I blog about nonsense, my opinions and hardly write at all.

Currently I am trying to find that quiet place in the house to type away. With it being Christmas I am struggling greatly to find that place.

Presents are being wrapped and the paper crinkles nicely. A Sunday dinner is going in the oven and a few grumbles emerge from the kitchen.
The floorboards creak with each footstep. The next noise is a radio being tuned in to try and find the 11 o’clock news. Perhaps I should have bought mother a DAB radio for the festive season!

Why I am typing all this?
I know it is terribly cliched but I have decided to keep, or atleast try to keep, a blog for 2015. I am still unsure as to what I will type onto the blogosphere. I have tried before but get into a romantic, cynical, sarcastic phase. The sort of phase that should be kept to oneself.

Back to the radio! My favourite band is now blaring out! I am half way there apparently… Or so their song says!

So! After all the nonsense maybe I will return later with a little more about me. Happy Sunday Peeps!