Famous people in history with Epilepsy

Now I fancied writing about something a little different but still on topic and so I have decided to look up famous people who have or are suspected of having epilepsy.

There are quite a few people who are documented as having seizures and a few are well known such as singer and actor Martin Kemp.
Other famous people include Charles Dickens, Caesar, Van Gogh, Thomas Edison, Alfred Nobel, Isaac Newton, and the list continues.

Whilst reading some of these names I thought to myself “so pretty much everyone famous”. Clearly it is not everyone famous but without Isaac Newton who would have worked out what gravity was?
Without Thomas Edison how long would we have been waiting for electric lightbulbs?
And as for Alfred Nobel who would have invented dynamite?

Michalengo – without his extraordinary talent would the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel look as amazing as it does? Unfortunately I have not actually visited myself but the photographs show just how much effort went into the creation of it.

Dickens – it is reported that Dickens suffered seizures as a child and refers to his “fits” through a number of characters in his novels.

Two I am particularly interested in finding out more about are that of -
Vincent Van Gogh and Lewis Carroll.

It is thought that Van Gogh may have suffered from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (the same epilepsy which I have).
I found this site particularly interesting Change

Lewis Carroll – were the hallucinations he suffered what made Alice in Wonderland so popular?
I refer back to the post of auras

For example: objects seeming bigger or smaller. Referring to Alice eating the cake and drinking the potion.
The feeling of falling which is mentioned when Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

It is not fully known whether Carroll suffered from epilepsy, migraines or some other neurological condition however the things described do suggest that the symptoms may have been auras preceding seizures or possibly complex partial seizures.

In a strange way although not all of the famous people from years and years gone by cannot have a definite diagnosis of epilepsy it is in a bizarre way comforting to know the sort of people who did share epilepsy.

Again as with all posts so far I shall research into them some more and update as an when.

Take care .

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