Good Afternoon

Sadly Writing 101 and I got separated along the way. I hope to pick up on some of the other assignments soon.

I had great fun and enjoyed the previous ones and briefly life got in the way. However, and as mentioned before, I will look into writing more open letters at some point. I find them intriguing and they help me to write what I normally would not say. 

Hope everyone is keeping well and I shall post again later. 

50 words #2

He makes her forget what she wants to say. His voice has that ability to completely rid her mind of all thoughts. But he hides something. Nothing sinister yet something he is not willing to share.


It’s been staring her in the face all this time. He loves someone else.

Coffee Break

Based on the idea of “if we were having coffee right now”.

If we were having coffee right now You would be drinking something of the de-caf variety. I take it you do still drink decaf?
We would chat about times gone past. Maybe I would tell you that after these years maybe my decision was a little hasty. It has certainly helped you get on with your life though so it wasn’t all bad I guess.

If we were having coffee right now you would be drinking a double shot Americano – black of course!
I would ask what you had planned for the coming months, Christmas perhaps, and what you would consider my best options.

If we were having coffee right now you would be drinking erm, hmm, I should know this one but I do not! I would buy you a fancy tea to be on the safe side. We would chat about your work, your nights out and no doubt laugh about the most random of things. But be warned. I may ask a lot of whys.

But! If we were having coffee right now I’ll take a vanilla latte thanks. I would like to vent everything for a minute or two just to get it off of my mind. I wouldn’t expect you to listen and your advice be it solicited or unsolicited wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe we would find out we had something in common or not.

I have nothing much to update you on but I’d certainly listen to any worries or concerns you may have. Perhaps a second coffee date of it went well!

Let the Scene…

write itself….

Toast being munched. A delightful combination of peanut butter and marmite on wholemeal seems to have found its way onto my plate. It surprised me how nice it was. Outside there is nothing but the pouring rain and the rustling of the few remaining brown leaves on trees. 

The conservatory provides its own woodwind orchestra. Sounds of off pitch flutes, badly played clarinets and piccolos, entertain us as we drink what is now our look warm coffee.

Dad speaks at last “sounds like whale music”. Mother likens it to panpipe music. Not quite sure how either can hear that.  Mother gets up to sit down on the sofa, glancing up from her phone now and then to look at the awful news that keeps coming in. Dad moves to laptop and opens his emails. He hasn’t spoken since sitting down so I can only assume there was nothing of much interest in there. 

Moments later we all jump. The sound of “today the day the teddy bears have their picnic” blares from the local icecream van. It certainly gets everyone’s attention, but I cannot help but wonder who exactly wants an icecream in such horrible weather. I save myself the bother of jumping up from my seat to find out such a mystery.
A few moments later I decide to leave the room anyway to head upstairs. Beds to made up before well bedtime!  

Upon re-entry to the living room I am presented with some excuse for coffee. It’s not fathers fault that the sachet which claims to be mocha is indeed some flavorless dried milk, instant coffee, chocolate substitute. I sample it. It is as disgusting as it sounds. Nevertheless I continue to drink it and think ahead to a well deserve whisky I will be enjoying much later.

The above was four separate five minute intervals. Twenty minutes sat in the living room eating breakfast wouldn’t have made for much excitement. Not that I’m saying the above does. 
Wonder what Writing101 has instore tomorrow.
Oh and whisky has now been poured :-)