Food For The Soul (and the stomach)

I have frequently been asked what is my favourite food or cuisine. When asked where I would like to eat is also a challenge. Why? Because I do not have just one solitary favourite food or place to eat. 

From a simple jacket potato on a Monday night to a 3 course French style dinner on a Sunday Dinnertime, I am satisfied with everything from the simple to the almost lavish. Knowing that I shall return to a jacket potato with lashings of butter is somewhat of a comfort. Whether it is with Sunday’s leftovers of simply just cheese, the warming thought of the jacket is enough to satisfy me.

Weekday meals tend to follow a pattern as a means to help plan the weekly food shop. The weekends however are more of an experiment by my father with recipes from the extensive range of cookbooks which he has accumulated.

Then there are the nights I am invited out to eat. What do I want to eat? Where do I want to eat?

Ultimately it comes down to what I feel like. A steak, for example, will always slide down well providing it is cooked to my liking – mooing slightly yet not completely running around the plate. Other times I may prefer something more simplistic such as scampi and chips – a classic.

I also believe that it comes down to with whom you are having your meals. 

A pleasant atmosphere and good company can make the worst of meals seem moreish. Whatever the food, I am grateful that I am able to eat such an extensive range of foods. Therefore any food is my favourite :-)

and welcome back…

I have returned and as many of you may have already noticed Blogging101 and Writing101 came to a grinding halt. My heads been elsewhere of late and in return the blog has since been neglected yet again. 

But never fear! I shall attempt to both fill in my absence whilst also trying to attempt to complete Daily Prompts from The Daily Post. 

This was my short and sweet post to fill a void and later I will return again :-)

Happy Sunday All!

Fog – Elegy – Writing201

Turn off the foglights.
Surrounded us in darkness
and the ghostly white that lingers.
Let whatever lay ahead remain misty –
a mystery.

For the final crimson streaks
have rid themselves from our sky,
not until morn will
darkness turn to light.

We’ll see things clearer
in day than night,
we’ll fight with this curtain
to reach the other side.

For you will be there,
our questions answered,
the haze which daunts
us will become our comfort.


I’m not exactly sure that can classify as a elegy, nor are there many metaphors or rhyme but it’s what has come out of today’s brain activity.

Limerick Part Two

Through the door she did go
Reluctant, reservedly slow
Unsettled and weary
She continued her query
Though where it led she did not know.

Technically not an acrostic based on the subject of trust but part two of –
Limerick Part 1 – Journey
I will endeavor to create a more trust based acrostic as the night goes on. Thanks to Udita for the idea of giving the answer in today’s assignment.
Maybe the answer will come tomorrow :-)